About Us

Hot Water Guys has been a company dedicated to providing quality service and supplying the best equipment on the market since its start in 2003. Being a small family run business guarantees you get the kind and friendly service you deserve as a home owner. We take pride in our work and are not happy unless you are. Some of you may already know the Woodland name in town as plumbing and heating has been a part of our family for generations.

More About Us

Here is a look into our family tree:

And so it began: In 1939, James Edward Woodland was the first Woodland to get his plumbing certification in Cardinal Ontario. After certification, he embarked on his career receiving a job offer in Kingston Ontario, where he became the plumber forman for the Department of National Defense. Here he oversaw the plumbing needs of CFB Kingston, Fort Frontenac, Royal Military College and Fort Henry until his retirement in 1974. During his time in Kingston, he passed his knowledge and experience onto his son, Donald Edward Woodland, whom followed in his fathers footsteps.

Building a foundation: After attending Queens University, Donald started his journey in plumbing and heating with several industrial mechanical companies in the year of 1987. After many years of hard-work and much experience, he opened his first contracting company in 1994 doing plumbing and new home construction for Braebury Homes. In 1998, seeking a little more variety and personal touches in his work, he changed gears from the mass construction business to creating layouts individual people wanted for their custom homes. In focusing on the more private and custom areas of his trade, Donald began focusing on the importance of money saving energy efficient equipment as the demands for becoming GREEN were climbing.

New technology: Tankless water heaters were introduced to us in 2000. Being skeptical as many are when first introduced to these much smaller and higher efficient water heaters, we chose to make the upgrade for ourselves and installed one in our own home. After being amazed with the results, we knew this was something we wanted to bring into our everyday business, sharing the benefits with our community.

Best in the market: In 2003, we signed a contract with the water heater rental company Reliance Home Comfort (known as Union Energy at the time) beginning the success and launching of the business now known as Hot Water Guys. Installing an average of 1200 tanks a year we were kept busy and just getting busier! The buzz of tankless water heaters was finally growing as consumers became aware of how truthfully efficient and money saving going tankless was. In 2008, after installing roughly 6000 hot water tanks for Reliance Home Comfort, they too jumped on the tankless band wagon we had been encouraging for 8 years. We switched contracts to installing all of Reliances tankless water heaters and all of their commercial water tanks in Kingston and surrounding areas.

Now in 2011, the 3rd generation of Woodland plumbers is on the front line. Brock James Edward Woodland was introduced to plumbing at a very young age by his father, Donald. Working full time in the plumbing and heating trade since 2004 alongside his father, Brock is becoming an influential part in the direction of the company.

Quality and savings: We are now in an age where saving energy is of utmost importance! With technological advances, Hot Water Guys are able to offer extensive knowledge and a great line of products for improving the efficiency of your home. From tankless water heaters, to toilets that save water, from a high efficiency furnace to a gas fired dryer - there are ways YOU can save. Regardless of what you're looking for to improve the performance of your home, our products will virtually pay for themselves in savings. As time passes and our trade evolves, our focus and quality of work will remian and continue to surpass the expectations of our clients. We are committed to improving all areas of our business as we grow. We are continually upgrading and educating ourselves through trades courses and regular manufacturer correspondence to ensure we are supplying the best products and knowledge to all of our customers.

Our family to yours, we look forward to making your home more comfortable.